» Psychic Readings

All readings are done via phone.

Are you feeling stuck or confused about a particular area of your life? Do you have questions about your relationship or your career future? Are you having trouble making a difficult decision in your life?

If you have a question or an issue that you need more insight into, Stephanie can assist you by reading the energy of the situation and providing information into the outcome. These sessions are not merely "tell me my future" kind of readings. These readings are a co-creative process between healer and healee and with the information that is provided about an issue, a profound healing also occurs. By using this technique as opposed to being a one-sided interaction, it empowers the healee to be an active participant in their own future.

Psychic readings are done via phone and last a half hour. Cost for psychic reading $55.

**Note: Have a question or two prepared before the time of the psychic reading.