» Intuitive Healing Sessions

All sessions are done via phone.

Intuitive healing sessions are a powerful way to move past your life challenges and bring more ease, grace, bliss, and happiness into your life. During these sessions, Stephanie works on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual angles of a problem to bring about holistic healing. Because she is healing using energy as opposed to a doctor who heals on the physical plane, she is able to do all of her sessions via phone and send energy to any part of the world. Methods that can be used during sessions include: cord cutting, crystal healing, soul retrieval, chakra clearing and alignment, releasing karmic or genetic patterns and many many others.

There is no limit to what one can heal with energy healing. Stephanie has worked with clients on relationship issues, depression, physical pain, career opportunities, mental health issues, connectedness with spirituality, finding passion in life, and many many other areas.

All sessions are done via phone and last one hour. Session cost $111.