» About Stephanie Fern

My name is Stephanie Fern and I would like to help you heal.

Energy healing is a powerful tool in helping people move past the pain or limitations of their life and move into a place of peace, contentment, and possibility. I have been an energy healer and teacher since 2005. I have helped clients overcome physical and emotional pain, navigate life changes and manifest of new life choices.

My areas of training include Reiki, Shamballah, Light Language, Rising Star Healing System, Soul Retrieval Techniques, Integrated Energy Therapy, and many others. I blend these and many other techniques to provide deep healing for my clients. I also have been a middle school teacher for many years and this teaching experience has solidified my ability to explain abstract concepts in concrete ways.

My style is powerful, yet blissful, and grounded, yet lighthearted. I like to share with clients different observations I witness during sessions so as to bring deeper understanding to the healing process. My personality is down to earth, compassionate, kind-hearted, and a little silly.

I look forward to helping you heal! Together, we can bring more light, love, ease, and happiness to your life!